Friday, May 27, 2011

thReE WiShES

every single thing in this whole word has a dream..(perhaps a lot of dreams,rite ?).well,i guess so,,,sometimes,we dream sometink that will neva come true...such as to reach the turn back the time,,well,well,well,we're not as lucky as Aladin,,a boy who was given three wishes by the genie and he wished ....OPPPSSSS !!! i'm not going to tell u about Aladin...i'm sure  that all of u kn0w his st0ry as well.s0,as f0r me,firstly i want a peaceful life f0r me and my family,then i want all the things indeed to be mine and i want His eternal blessing f0r all my life..Whtever it is,what will u d0 if u are given three wishes to wish f0r in your life ??
think bef0re u leap c0z dis chance only comes once...

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